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Payments & Deposits

Payments are to be made on the day of move on job completion either by cash or bank transfer. Businesses can be invoiced on request.

Certain jobs will require a 25% Deposit prior to work being carried out. (This all depends on the circumstances of the job).

Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to the booking date or you will be charged 50% of the quote given or lose your deposit.

Terms & Conditions

Please make sure all of the details of the job that you disclose are as accurate as possible, and any new information you let us know ahead of your booking date, as we can not be held accountable for any unforeseen circumstances e.g.

  • Extra items being added to moving list
  • Exchange of keys being held up in chain
  • Incorrect access/property information given, adding to job time

Failure to disclose any extra information will result in an extra charge and/or job being left incomplete if we have another booking we have to honour.

We reserve the right to cancel and charge any job at a property that we deem too unsanitary or hazardous to our health.

We give a 1 hour window of arrival for every job. Please make sure you are there within this window for the job to be carried out as if not you will lose your slot and still be charged.